They talk about us …. “The misfortune of the Norman Atlantic”

The magazine Antincendio on the current issue (July 2015) talks about us in an article entitled “The Misfortune of the Norman Atlantic”.

The article, which illustrates the beginning of the expert operations of the judge’s panel of judges in the context of the probationary incident in progress, explicitly cites the forensic engineering activities carried out for the ‘fire’ aspect of the serious accident at sea. The three TECSA and MFCforensic CTUs that deal with the case are in fact B. Chiaia, L. Fiorentini and L. Marmo.

From Antincendio, July 2015, pp. 106-109:
Of the questions will be a team of technical consultants, well known nationally including Prof. Dalle Mese, Prof. Chiaia, Mr. Carpinteri, Mr. Carannante, Prof. del Sorbo.
Each of them, according to the specific attribution, will deal with a “quota” of the questions formulated. The causes of the fire, the status of fire-fighting equipment, the functionality of the fire-fighting system and the detection and alert systems, the emergency management will be identified by the expert Prof. Chiaia, who together with the fire and explosion experts Prof. Luca Marmo and Prof. Luca Fiorentini will also have to proceed with the reconstruction of the dynamics of the event, also using specialized calculation codes.

This expert activity is part of the activities carried out by TECSA and MFCforensic in the field of forensic engineering for the investigation and study of incidents with fires and explosions.