VII VGR Conference “Risk Assessment and Management”

TECSA S.r.l. specialists will be present at the VII VGR Conference “Risk Assessment and Management” to be held in Rome on 20.21 and 22 September 2016.

As part of this important occasion, now a landmark event in Italy, a large series of technical articles will be presented covering, with real cases connected to the company’s activities, a series of aspects of risk assessment and management, including new ones. Seveso III requirements, performance-oriented fire-fighting engineering to support forensic engineering, process safety management systems, critical public transport infrastructure resilience, and earthquake vulnerability assessment of process plants.

Below are the titles of the technical articles that will be presented together with the detailed abstract.

  • Antonio Sesto Rubino (TECSA Srl), Aldo Ugo (SIOT SpA), Salvatore Tafaro (Fire Brigade), “Integrated management of industrial safety from compliance with national and international standards and standards to integrated risk analysis in the company organization and derived from operational experience: the best practice for an oil marine terminal “(see abstract);
  • Luca Fiorentini (TECSA S.r.l.), Vincenzo Puccia (Vigili del Fuoco), “Use of fire engineering tools for fire analysis of a vessel” (see abstract);
  • Mauro Paccione, Fabio Breveglieri (TECSA S.r.l.), Pasquale Fanelli (TUV Functional Safety Expert, Consultant), “Process risk management and safety management system.” A case study “(see abstract);
  • Luca Fiorentini (TECSA Srl), Paul Heimplaetzer (Royal Haskoning DHV, NL), Salvatore Tafaro (Fire Brigade), “The analysis of the protection barriers available as a method for the identification of a substantial fire safety strategy for safety of public transport infrastructures European experiences on railway stations and airport complexes “(see abstract);
  • Luca Fiorentini (TECSA Srl), Edward Marszal (Kenexis, USA), “Seveso Requirements III: Criteria for sizing, positioning and selection of F & G systems for the 3D study of the incidental scenarios of reference and of the effective coverage area and in relation to the analysis of process risk “(see abstract);
  • F. Pilo (Vigili del Fuoco), M. Ziron (ARPAV), M. Tarantino, A. Casalli (ENI SpA), L. Fiorentini (TECSA Srl), B. Chiaia (Polytechnic of Turin), “Proposal of methodology for seismic analysis of complex industrial plants “(see abstract).