Advanced simulation with FDS and analytical determination of temperature profiles developed from a three dimensional fires scenario at a steam turbine plant subject to the requirements of Factory Mutual standard FM-DS-07-101

2023 / Fire safety engineering / Industries

The fire protection requirements for steam turbines are the subject of Factory Mutual standard FM-DS-07-101, which provides guidance on various aspects related to fire protection, both active and passive.

The analysis is focused on the protection against so-called Three-Dimensional fires, consisting of scenarios originating from a release of lubrication oil in an elevated section of the plant (typically the operating plane of the turbine) which, if triggered during outflow and fall back to earth, gives rise to a pool fire and a vertical surface fire, giving the scenario its three-dimensionality.

The simulations with FDS tool shows the development of temperatures close to 1000°C in the area immediately affected by the flames. With reference to thermal radiation, it is observed that metal structures in the vicinity of the fire are exposed to incident heat fluxes greater than 12.5 kW/m², while radiation levels equal to or greater than 37.5 kW/m² are observed for structures very close to the fire.