2017 / Industrial risk analysis / Infrastructures

Document drawn up on behalf of the Port Authority of Venice in compliance with D, M, 293 of 16/05/2001 in order to analyze the risk of a major accident in the Port of Venice.

The study carries out a recomposition of the risk in the port area linked to the presence of companies at risk of a major accident (based on the data provided by the managers) and the handling of dangerous goods within the Port.

The study contemplated the development of both a quantitative risk analysis (QRA) starting from the results of the safety analyzes conducted by the individual operators and also the development of a series of calculations aimed at determining, with the aid of specific calculation codes , the frequency of potential collisions at sea and subsequently conduct the estimation of the consequences. The safety analysis at sea was developed starting from the maritime traffic recorded over the years and the recomposition of the ordinances valid for the management of boats in the reference area, through the development of a model.

As part of the activities entrusted, always in compliance with the reference decree, TECSA S.r.l. also developed the port emergency plan.