DNV Safeti: new specialized calculation code available to TECSA

Given the significant increase in large-scale industrial risk reorganization activities and quantitative risk assessment within complex plants TECSA S.r.l. in the course of the current year 2017, it has acquired a license of the specialized calculation code, de facto standard for this type of assessment, DNV Safeti Onshore version (recently updated to the 8.0 release completely renewed).

Using this tool, an extensive quantitative risk assessment (QRA) has recently been completed on the basic design of a whole new petrochemical plant in CINA to be realized as “grass root”. As part of the risk analysis that saw the development of both Hazid, Hazop, fault trees and events, in accordance with what defined by the international reference standards used (including the “Purple Book” of the Dutch TNO) , in-depth analyzes were conducted aimed at defining both the accidental events of reference and the consequent individual and social risk indices (including the LSIR – Location Specific Individual Risk index and the IRPA index – Individual Risk Per Annum and the F curve). / N for the description of social risk).