H24|7 is born, the service of maximum availability of the forensic engineers of MFCforensic

H24|7 is the service offered by MFCforensic, the forensic engineering division of TECSA S.r.l., operating to satisfy the requests of customers who need to have a forensic engineer in the phases immediately following an incident.

By guaranteeing availability 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, MFCforensic technicians provide their support from the very early stages of the investigation. In particular, with the service H24|7 it is possible to be assisted by MFCforensic both for the forensic aspects related to the investigation (incident investigation) such as identification, collection and custody of the evidence, with particular attention to those more easily perishable, and for the aspects of incident analysis for the identification of root causes of the incident, near miss or non-conformity, to be realized through one of the techniques such as Root Cause Analysis, Tripod Beta, BFA, etc.

As part of the H24|7 service, a preliminary site inspection is also planned, also with laser scanning techniques and 360 ° photographic documentation.