MFCforensic organizes Tripod Beta course for petrochemical company

MFCforensic, the forensic engineering division of TECSA S.r.l., has organized a “Tripod Beta Practitioner” course for the achievement of the “bronze level” certification for the Italian site of an important petrochemical company operating internationally. The course, which lasts three and a half days, also includes a final exam aimed at obtaining the certification issued by the Energy Institute.

MFCforensic has two certified Tripod Beta Practitioners in its staff and deals with the analysis of accidents, near-accidents and non-compliance. This analysis, in the context in the incident investigation, is carried out through structured methods that allow, ultimately, to identify the root causes of an accident and to formulate effective recommendations to prevent similar events from recurring. On the number of August 2018 of the magazine “Ambiente&Sicurezza sul lavoro” by EPC Editore, in an article by Luca Fiorentini and Rosario Sicari, we talked about the management of accidents and non-compliance, highlighting the advantages deriving from the use of structured techniques of investigation (such as Tripod Beta, Root Cause Analysis and Barrier Failure Analysis) and analyzing the same case study with the different methodologies.

TECSA S.r.l. is also Valued Added Reseller of CGE Risk Management Solutions (NL) for selling IncidentXP in Italy, the software for the investigation and structured analysis of accidents.