Two technicians in TECSA now certified exida CSP per IEC 62443

Two technicians in TECSA, including the executive director Luca Fiorentini, obtained the exida certification in cybersecurity, which guarantees the knowledge of the requirements provided by the IEC 62443 standard for Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS), with specialization on Process Safety.

TECSA is already the Italian partner of exida, providing consultancy services in the field of functional safety, cybersecurity, and alarm management.

An unprecedented number of security vulnerabilities have been exposed in automation and control products and owners/operators are demanding protection. There are well-established strategies and techniques that automation professionals can employ to discover and mitigate security vulnerabilities and improve the inherent security of their products and systems. Much of this information is in a series of new international standards – IEC 62443. Learning and adopting these strategies will help companies stay ahead of potential vulnerabilities and reduce the likelihood of an incident.

The IEC 62443 series of standards and technical reports defines procedures for implementing electronically secure systems from many different industries including transportation, medical, robotics, and Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS). These strategies and techniques apply to end-users (i.e. owner/operator), system integrators, security practitioners, and control systems manufacturers responsible for designing, manufacturing, integrating, or maintaining systems.

Cybersecurity certification programs have been established to assess compliance with IEC 62443 and ISO 27001 standards by impartial third party technical organizations.  exida has been accredited per ISO 17065 and ISO 17025 by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to provide cybersecurity certification and offers cybersecurity certification programs for design processes, devices, applications, and systems using both the ISASecure® and exida® schemes.