History and mission

Tecsa S.r.l. was founded in 1979 by Carlo Fiorentini.

The founder, a recognised fire safety expert at national and international level, as well as holder of patents for innovative fire protection equipment, has been able to create, from a small nucleus of specialists in fire protection engineering and design, a well known and appreciated consulting company that today operates at 360° in the world of fire safety and process industry both nationally and supranationally. This without neglecting the human value of all professional relationships both inside and outside the company with employees, clients, authorities with jurisdiction and professional and trade associations.

Since 1997, the year of the premature death of the founder of Tecsa, the 3ASI Association (Association of Environmental, Reliability and Industrial Safety Analysts), which he himself had helped to found, has dedicated a scholarship to commemorate “his commitment to dealing with environmental and plant safety issues”.

Tecsa’s image has always been the one defined at the beginning by its founder, that is to say that of a reality in continuous evolution and updating, connected with similar national, European and international realities of reference for a mutual exchange of know-how aimed at guaranteeing a service always of the highest level to its customers and flexible to market requests also in relation to the more and more punctual regulatory requirements.

The motto that identifies the fundamental characteristics of the service, reported on the company’s documentation since the year of its foundation, is a well-known phrase of Sallustio taken from his work “De coniuratione Catilinae”:

“Priusquam incipias consulto, ubi consulueris, mature facto opus est” or “Before starting a business there is a need for reflection; afterwards one must act promptly”.


The HSE consultancy service cannot be improvised and needs preparation. The timing of service provision, with particular reference to the deadlines set by the reference regulatory body, the interventions following near misses and accidents, the challenging timing of important plant evolution projects that are essential milestones for the client, can only be met by a well-organised structure with recognised skills and a significant workforce.

Since 2015 the executive director and owner of Tecsa S.r.l. has been Luca Fiorentini.

Since that date, the company has been in an extended phase of severe expansion and significant reorganisation to ensure greater flexibility and timeliness, a better presence in Italy and Europe, closer collaboration with specialised companies at international level and a more structured exchange with the university and the world of research.

In particular, recent years have identified a series of new business areas which, with the appreciation of clients, have determined the need to proceed with a significant increase in company resources, including the inclusion of technicians recognised at European level, the development of new company divisions, the stipulation of European and supra-European partnerships with leading companies in the field of expertise and the identification of new offices in Italy and abroad.

Among the areas of reference that have undergone the greatest expansion in the last 10 years it is possible to point out:

  • the forensic engineering activities that led to the definition of a specific company division called MFCforensic, also specialising in the analysis of the root causes of accidents, near misses and anomalies;
  • functional safety for the process industry according to IEC 61511;
  • cybersecurity for industrial automation systems according to IEC 62443 standard;
  • assessments of technological risks induced by natural events and seismic vulnerability assessments of complex plant engineering assets specific to the process industry;
  • the design of active fire protection systems and Fire & Gas detection systems assisted by the use of risk-based methodologies and advanced tools (CFD and FEM numerical modelling of accident scenarios and 2D/3D fire and gas mapping).
  • specialist training activities in both traditional and e-learning and webinar modes.

Tecsa S.r.l. has therefore been successfully operating for more than 40 years in the field of specialist consultancy in the following areas:

  • Industrial risk analysis, safety in the process industry and operational excellence
  • Reliability engineering of complex systems
  • Basic and detailed fire protection engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Safety and health at work, machine safety, pressure equipment safety
  • Training, information and education
  • Systems Engineering
  • Forensic engineering
  • Research and development
  • Energy diagnosis
  • Safety, environmental, energy, business continuity and major accident prevention management systems

The aim of the company is to consolidate its prestigious image in the core sectors of the reference market. At the same time, to be an organisation that operates with cutting-edge know-how and methodologies and in line with the needs of international companies and the specific requirements of the local entrepreneurial fabric, public structures and strategic infrastructures.

The organisation’s commitment is geared towards ensuring the lasting success of Clients through:

  • Constant listening to their “voice”
  • The partnership with their structures to manage the problems together
  • The ability to anticipate the evolution of sector regulations
  • The supply of personalized services of high quality level and of sure effectiveness for the increase of “value” for the Customer.

Each Client and each project are different and solutions cannot be standardised, but must be adapted to the reality and complexity of the organisations, always with particular attention to the reference standards and to the criteria and best-practices recognised at national and supranational level.

The preliminary analysis and the identification of the Client’s needs represent, therefore, a fundamental moment of the consulting activity. The Client’s result represents a success for the company: concrete and measurable results obtained through guidance and operational assistance activities.

The guiding principles that inspire the company’s actions have been and are:

  • The high quality level of customer service, which has as its fundamental objective its satisfaction;
  • The concreteness of the interventions as a distinctive element of the organization;
  • The enhancement of internal resources, rewarding results, development of skills, flexibility, maintaining high quality and ethical standards of performance;
  • The qualitative development of activities and turnover as a prerequisite for balanced and targeted expansion;
  • Fairness and transparency in internal and external relations.