Executive management

Currently Executive Director of TECSA S.r.l. is Luca Fiorentini, born in 1976, who took over the role in 2015, restoring and enhancing the coincidence of the technical and operational management of the company with its ownership.

An engineer and university lecturer, Luca Fiorentini deals with industrial accidents, fire prevention and fire safety. He is the owner and director of the specialised engineering and consultancy company TECSA S.r.l. (MI). He is a senior member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) He is one of Italy’s leading experts in industrial risk analysis, fire risk and performance-oriented fire safety engineering. He is a consultant to the U.S. Navy for specific research projects in the field of fire safety. As a forensic engineer, he has dealt with a number of significant accidents and in particular fires and explosions (Thyssenkrupp, Norman Atlantic, etc.) for both the prosecution and the judiciary.

He is the founder, together with Luca Marmo and Bernardino Chiaia of the Polytechnic of Turin, of the forensic division of TECSA S.r.l., called MFCforensic.


Below is the professional profile taken from the presentation of the  book “Principles of Forensic Engineering applied to industrial accidents” published by John Wiley & Sons (UK), described on the specific page.

“Professor Luca Fiorentini, born in 1976, is an internationally recognized expert in the field of industrial, process safety and fire engineering. He is owner and CEO of TECSA S.r.l. (https://www.tecsasrl.it) international consulting company working in the field of loss prevention and industrial safety, fire engineering and environmental protection. TECSA is located in Pero (Italy). He is senior process safety, HSE, fire engineering and reliability consultant. Fiorentini has experience in QRA (Hazop, LOPA, FTA, ETA, Consequence analysis), CFD and FEM methods, RAM analysis and industrial risk assessment for a number of industries: major hazard industries, refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, liquid hydrocarbons and LPG storage farms, oil and gas onshore installations and offshore platforms, steel works plants, food processing facilities, pharmaceutical and fine chemicals production plants, hospitals and health care facilities, ports and piers. He is an expert of fire engineering and fire risk assessment. Fiorentini is a recognized forensic engineer and investigator for fires, explosions and industrial and marine accidents. He is the author of several books, articles and conference papers as well as a reviewer for a number of scientific magazines. He is also a professional member of the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences (UK) and an editorial board member of “Intl. Journal of Forensic Engineering” and “Fire Protection Magazine” (SFPE). Certified Fire & Gas Professional (Exida FGP n. UK 170412009 / 2017). Cerfitied Functional Safety Professional (Exida CFSP n. 101206 009). He is a Tripod Beta method certified assessor (bronze level). He is also founder of MFCforensic (http://www.mfcforensic.it). MFCforensic, named after the founders (Marmo, Fiorentini and Chiaia), proposes itself as an innovative company able to deal directly with the forensic engineering activities, both in the judiciary and in the insurance field. In the judiciary field, MFCforensic technicians assume both the role of technical consultants as well as that of CTU, all on behalf of the investigating magistracy and on behalf of the judiciary, especially in cases of high complexity, where the management skills of the a forensic engineer’s own procedure it is necessary to put in place methodologies for in-depth analysis and development of specialist expertise, including advanced simulation. MFCforensic consolidates in an innovative structure the forensic, consulting and academic experiences of the founders, who in the years have directly followed, as technical consultants, also episodes of national importance (Thyssenkrup, Norman Atlantic, Molino Cordero, Umbria Olii, etc. ).He is author of several books and papers related to forensic engineering, in particular, together with Prof. Luca Marmo he is author of the international book “Principles of forensic engineering applied to industrial accidents”, Wiley (UK), ISBN: 978-1118962800. He is expert in applying several root cause investigation methods, among them: Tripod, ABS Consulting RCA, Barrier Failure Analysis, STEP. He is proficient in the use of Human Reliability Assessment (HRA) methods (e.g. Spar-H, THERP, HEARTH, HCR/ORE, SEP). He is proficient in the use of virtual reality tools (e.g. XVRSimulation OnScene) and 3D technologies to describe real accidents scenarios. He is peer-reviewer of the following upcoming books prepared by the Center for Chemical Process Safety of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers: new edition of “Guidelines for investigating chemical process incidents” and first edition of “Process safety in the oil & gas upstream operations, onshore and offshore”. Since 2018 he is vice president of the Italian chapter of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE-Italy). He is internationally certified Senior Lead Risk Manager according to ISO31000 international standard by PECB. For the National Fire Protection Association NFPA (USA) he is voting and principal member as special expert in the following technical commissions: Industrial and Storage Occupancies (BLD-IND & SAF-IND Commissions – Standard NFPA 5000); Fire Reporting (FIP-AAA Commission – Standard NFPA 901), Fire Risk Assessment Methods (FIR-AAA Commission – Standards NFPA 550 and NFPA 551). Since december 2019 he is also Principal Engineer of Exida L.L.C. company (www.exida.com). Exida, founded in 1999 by several of the world’s top reliability and safety experts, exida is the world’s leading product certification and knowledge company specializing in automation system safety, alarm management, cybersecurity, and availability”.


He is an expert in FEM and CFD methodologies for advanced simulation in fire safety and engineering studies.

With regard to fire risk assessment, one of the main areas of interest and professional application of Fiorentini is to be noted:

  • with Luca Marmo, the publication in 2011 of the volume “Fire Risk Assessment” with EPC S.r.l. (Rome), the most widely circulated text on the subject at national level, now in its fourth reprint;
  • with Luca Marmo and Enrico Danzi, the creation of the FLAME (Fire Risk Level Assessment Methods for Enterprises) for the evaluation and management of fire risk.


He is the author of books, chapters and scientific publications in various nationally and internationally distributed technical journals (see specific page).

His publications include three technical volumes with the major publishing house Wiley:


He is a member of the editorial board of SFPE’s ‘International Journal of Forensic Engineering’ and ‘Fire Protection Magazine’ (for both the European and international editions of the journal) and a reviewer for the following scientific journals:

  • Safety Science;
  • Fire Technology;
  • Journal of Loss Prevention in The Process Industries;
  • Fire Protection Magazine (including participation in the magazine’s Editorial Board);
  • International Journal of Forensic Engineering (including participation in the journal’s Editorial Board);
  • Reliability Engineering and System Safety;
  • Journal of Hazardous Materials;
  • International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management
  • Construction and Building Materials.


He is also a member of prestigious professional associations (AIChE, Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences, SFPE, NFPA,…) and of numerous technical standardisation commissions at both national and international level, including:

for UNI – Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unificazione the participation in the technical commission UNI/CT 011/GL 07 “Ingegneria della sicurezza contro l’incendio (misto Comportamento all’incendio/Protezione attiva contro gli incendi)”;

for SFPE – Society of Fire Protection Engineers – USA, participation:

  • to the ‘Fire risk’ working group responsible for the new edition of the authoritative ‘Engineering Guide  to Fire Risk Assessment’ which is one of the main international technical references for carrying out fire risk assessments;
  • to the technical commission “Research, Tools and Methods” (RTM);
  • to the international “Innovation and Emerging Technology Working Group” (IETWG);

for NFPA – National Fire Protection Association – USA, participation:

  • to the “Fire Risk Assessment Methods” commission responsible for standards 550 “Fire Safety Concept Tree” and 551 “Guide for Evaluating Fire Risk Assessments”
  • to the technical commission “Fire reporting” responsible for the standard 901 “Standard classification of data relating to incidents and fire protection”;
  • to the technical committees “BLD-IND and SAF-IND commissions” responsible for the standard 5000 “Construction and safety code”;

for CTI – Comitato Termotecnico Italiano the participation in the CT266 commission “Sicurezza degli impianti a rischio di incidente rilevante”.


Luca Fiorentini is also:

Fire & Gas Professional certified Exida LLC. (Exida FGP international certificate no. UK 170412009, exam taken in Aberdeen-UK in April 2017) for “Fire & Gas Detection Design and Technology” activities including 3D Fire & Gas Mapping (Std. ISA TR 84.00.07) and Performance Based F&G Systems Design. There are currently less than 80 internationally certified FGP experts for F&G systems design activities in onshore and offshore oil & gas;

Exida LLC certified Functional Safety Practictioner (FSP). (International Exida FSP certificate no. FSPUK 180712 008, exam taken in Warwick-UK in July 2018) for functional safety activities within process companies according to international standards IEC 61508 and IEC 61511;

Certified Functional Safety Professional certified Exida LLC. (Exida international certificate no. 101206009);

Tripod Beta Certified Assessor (International Energy Institute Certificate no. 2018005);

Senior Lead Risk Manager ISO 31000 (international PECB certificate no. RMSLM1051182-2019-09).

Exida LLC certified Automation Cybersecurity Professional (CSP). – IEC 62443 Process Industry – (International Certificate No. CSP UK 200123004);

Alarm Management Professional (ALM) certified Exida LLC. – IEC 62682 and ISA 18.2;

PECB certified trainer for the following courses:

  • Risk Management (ISO 31000);
  • Accident Investigation;
  • Root Cause Analysis.


Luca Fiorentini, founding member of MFCforensic, as part of the second level Master in Forensic Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino since the first edition in 2018. In particular, Luca Fiorentini is in charge of dealing, in the industrial section, with the topics of forensic engineering of fires and explosions with in-depth studies on the use of structured methods of investigation and mathematical and advanced simulation models to support the investigation. Luca Fiorentini, already enrolled in the Register of Expert Scholars of the Polytechnic of Turin for integrative teaching activities (ING/IND-24 “Principles of chemical engineering”), has in fact been recognized as an expert in the subject “Codes for the simulation of incidental events for the reconduction of incidental dynamics with respect to evidence”. He is an external lecturer at the Master School of the Politecnico di Torino.

He is also, since 2018, Vice President of the Italian Fire Engineering Association (AIIA), Italian chapter of the prestigious Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE), as well as, since 2020, founder president of the Italian chapter of the prestigious British Institute of Risk Management (IRM).

Since December 2019 he has been Principal Engineer for Exida LLC. (USA).

Luca Fiorentini