Guest blog on CGE website on performance-based approach for the safety of public events

A blog post signed by Luca Fiorentini, Executive Director of TECSA Srl, entitled: “A performance-based approach to safety at large events in public spaces: from risk to scenario assessment” is available on the website of CGE Risk Management Solutions, the Dutch software house producing among others BowTieXP and IncidentXP. The post arises from some considerations on the safety of public events, and in general in the case of large crowdings, emerged during an intervention held in Matera together with Fabio Dattilo, Chief of the Fire Brigade, and Salvatore Tafaro, Provincial Fire Brigade Commander of Matera, to discuss the critical issues of the Matera 2019 events, European Capital of Culture. From that experience, two articles have also been published on the Antincendio magazine, by EPC Editore (see the corresponding news at these links: first part and second part).

TECSA S.r.l. is a partner of CGE Risk Management Solutions, and operates in Italy as a Value Added Reseller of its products.

The guest blog can be reached via this link, from which it is also possible to download the full text of the article.