Human factor analysis

The human factor is an extremely important aspect of all risk analyses, as evidenced by the historical analysis of even recent accidents. In view of this, it must necessarily be studied and quantified according to recognised protocols.

TECSA S.r.l. offers in this sense services of:

  • assessment of the complexity of the ‘tasks’ and operational procedures;
  • assessment of human error and human factor in general (Human Reliability Assessment – HRA).

Both services are supported by the use of analysis methodologies and validated software tools.

Among the methodologies currently used by TECSA S.r.l. for the definition of the probability of human error:

  • for the analysis of THERP, ASEP, HEART, Screen Value pre-initiators;
  • for the analysis of the operator’s response to alarm and/or emergency situations in addition to the above mentioned HCR/ORE and Spar-H methods.

HRA analyses are also conducted and documented in accordance with the requirements of established international guidelines, including the ASME PSA Standard and the Good Practices on HRA of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

For these evaluations TECSA S.r.l. employs specialized technicians and validated calculation codes.