Security and cybersecurity vulnerability assessment

For about ten years now TECSA S.r.l., through certified professionals, has been providing consulting services on the security of oil & gas installations and the process industry in general, with particular reference to companies subject to the Seveso Directive, also in compliance with specific regulatory requirements.

These activities consist of both qualitative and quantitative audits, inspections and assessments (e.g. using the Bow-Tie method) in line with internationally recognised standards including those of the Center for Chemical Process Safety of the AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) and the US Department of Homeland Security.

At the same time, a consultative activity was launched on cybersecurity of automation and computerised control systems (e.g. DCS, ESD). This activity is conducted by TECSA S.r.l. technicians certified according to the principles of the international standard IEC 62682.

Evaluations are conducted using validated tools such as Exida LLC’s exSILentiaCyber partner Exida LLC. , which TECSA S.r.l. employs and markets. The activities cover all the phases of the life cycle foreseen by the standard and are oriented towards the possible integration of cybersecurity aspects with functional security and alarm management aspects in order to obtain a solid and advantageous holistic approach for companies that intend to adhere to the modern standards that distinguish the process company today and allow a correct design, implementation and maintenance of the protection layers independent from a major incident.


Luca Fiorentini, Director of TECSA, also acts as Principal Engineer of Exida LLC.