Occupational health and safety management ISO 45001

Health and safety in the workplace, which is the subject of specific regulations also in relation to related responsibilities, is an essential requirement for every organisation. The objective is the maintenance of acceptable levels that comply with legal requirements, the goal is the measurable improvement of performance in this area. These conditions can be more easily achieved, documented and highlighted through the adoption of a systemic approach and, in particular, by implementing management in compliance with the ISO 45001 standard, which today is a valid and recognised reference at national and supranational level.

TECSA S.r.l. is able to provide specialized ISO 45001 assistance to organizations for:

  • “gap analysis” with respect to the requirements;
  • design of health and safety systems in the workplace;
  • design of integrated management systems;
  • implementation of an ISO 31000 approach to support the management system;
  • migration from OHSAS 18001;
  • system audits, regulatory compliance audits;
  • periodic review of system indicators for the development of recommendations;
  • analysis of root causes connected with non-conformities and anomalies, accidents, incidents and near misses.