Safety management for major accident prevention

TECSA S.r.l., as part of the Safety Management Systems for the Prevention of Major Accidents (ex Legislative Decree 105/2015), carries out:

  1. Preparatory activities to review and update the existing body of documentation, such as internal audits at 1st and 2nd level with the responsible site functions in order to increase the level of awareness and participation;
  2. proposals to modify existing systems and share the results with management and responsible functions;
  3. preparation of new documentary bodies (policy, policy document, manual and procedures);
  4. information and training activities for staff on the SGS regulatory body adopted with a view to better participation in its implementation;
  5.  assistance activities during Inspections by the Authorities (e.g. CTR, ARPA, VVF, etc.).

In carrying out its activities TECSA avails itself of inspectors with experience in providing specialist assistance to clients in the context of ministerial inspections at national level.

The basis of each activity is always taken into account:

  • the provisions of Annex B (art. 14) “Guidelines for the implementation of the Safety Management System for the prevention of major accidents”;
  • the results of the latest SGS Inspections;
  • the plant engineering, operational and organisational management structure of the site, which is also acquired through specific cognitive and in-depth meetings supported by suitably prepared checklists;
  • of the UNI 10617 edition 2019 guideline “Establishments with major-accident hazards – Safety management systems – Essential requirements” issued by UNI on 28 November 2019.